LAZY Drummer is a realistic full-bleed drum engine for Native Instruments Kontakt 4. As far as I can tell, this is the ONLY drum engine for Kontakt that gives the user access to each individual microphone bleed sample.

This was achieved through pain staking recording, sample editing, organisation and management. (I now understanding why full-bleed drum instruments aren't done more often, and I did this on my own.)

It was designed from the ground up to give the user control over the direct, unprocessed multi-track recordings, with the additional benefit of being able to determine how much of each instrument is bled into each microphone.

Ideally it would be used in a multi-track sequencer using 11 mono outputs from Kontakt into the mixer to tailor the raw drum recordings to a polished mix ready state. This was its intended purpose. There has been no equalization or compression applied to the recordings which gives you maximum flexibility in how you decide to treat them.

However, this does not mean LAZY Drummer can not be used in other ways. As a stand alone kit it gives that natural live sound you would expect to hear when sat behind a drum kit.

Sample Map

Each articulation uses Eleven microphones to achieve full bleed control which totals 4.82gb of pristine 24bit audio samples. Kontakt's native lossless compression format considerably reduces LAZY Drummer's ram requirements down to only 2.13gb for a full bleed load. At its default, only 0.69gb is used.

Full Bleed Matrix

Below is an example of how I achieved full bleed control in Kontakt. It shows clearly how many samples are assigned to one key and how these are routed to different outputs. This wasn't an easy project to do on my own, this type of work is usually handled by a team of people.