Download the Theremax.
V.1 Standalone for Windows.

Download the Theremax.
V.1 Max Patch. Requires Max 6.

Download the paper about the Theremax.

Introducing the glorious Microtone 3D Theramax.

This isn't your grandad's theremin. This is an all new multitimbral, ambidextrous, micro-tonal gesture instrument, ...and in 3D.

Microtone 3D Theremax is a gesture instrument designed for the Leap Motion controller interface.

Its basic functioning principle is like that of the original Theremin. The user moves their hands in the air to generate sounds that can be controlled and manipulated through gestures to create music.

However, this is where the similarities end. The Theremax maps multiple gestures to control many different sound parameters the original Theremin can only dream of.

It can be used with either one hand or two, with each hand offering the same control over the sound.

Aspects of the sound controllable through gestures are pitch, volume, filter cut-off, filter resonance, tremolo, vibrato, and 4 user pre-defined chord notes or harmonic partials that can be controlled in both pitch and volume.

All controllable from a single hand, and all independently for the left and right hands.

There are a number of performance related controls not connected to gestures which include a subtractive synthesizer, note glide, user savable presets, delay effect, selectable musical modes, selectable key, and a note range slider.

It also features a unique configurable pitch matrix which gives the user the opportunity to perform melodic note progressions in any dimension. The pitch matrix allows very unique and often unpredictable melodies.

Like any instrument, it takes time to learn and understand its nuances before it can be truly mastered. That said, it is instantly accessible for anyone to start having fun with.

Why is it called a 'Microtone 3D Theremax'?

Originally it was just a Theremax. Named with tongue in cheek because it was like a Theremin but more so. It was also designed in Max/MSP. Later came the addition of the pitch matrix which allowed performing on three dimensions. Lastly came the chord/partial controls which were named Microtones. So you see it all fits together nicely.